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Good Design - Dieter Rams

Shane Mason

So on our home page we say we are all about good design but what does that mean?

Since starting out with the Angled Coat Hook back in 2013 we now offer quite a broad range of products. Be it our life accessories range, clothing or the bespoke design service; we often worry that we give mixed signals about what it is we actually do here at Hidden Stag Design.

The thing about design is, it means you question the way things are and apply your own life experiences to give an object or idea an original spin. This way of thinking doesn't apply solely to one category and so at Hidden Stag Design we try and apply that originality of thought to any every day item that we feel can be functionally improved, manufactured smarter or just changed to make life easier. 

Although design sits firmly in the realms of creativity there are a set of defined rules that we personally choose to use to qualify each of our new designs. This validation means that we produce well rounded and considered designs. This set of rules was defined by a designer named Dieter Rams. Rams designed several products you are probably familiar with as he was installed as the Chief Design Officer of Braun in 1961. Dieter Rams is also famed for being one of the main influences of Apple Chief Design Officer Sir Jonathan Ive. 

Braun T3 Pocket Radio (1958). Remind you of anything?

Braun T3 Pocket Radio (1958). Remind you of anything?

At Hidden Stag Design we have no shortage of ideas and could offer several more products than we currently do however we are not in the business of designing things for the sake of it. We want our products to get as close to these ten principles as possible:

1. Good design is innovative 

2. Good design makes a product useful

3. Good design is aesthetic

4.Good design makes a product understandable

5. Good design is unobtrusive

6. Good design is honest

7. Good design is long lasting

8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail

9. Good design is environmentally friendly

10. Good design  is as little design as possible


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